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  • Thanks! Glad to be here you guys are awesome. Ive played wow since 2007 off and on i jus got back into it lol. But i couldnt even tell u how many hours ive spent playing blizzard games its sickening lol. Right now i play a lot of Hearth and HOTS an i just bought WOD so im trying to play that too its kinda hard to play them all lol.
    Thanks, I have played lol and dota but hots has me really hooked. I will shoot you a inv next time im on battle net. Its nice meeting you.
    Haha hey turtt, kinda ironic that we ended up playing together on smite before I even got to read this post.. But thanks anyways and it was a pleasure to play smite with you & maybe someday we can do it again!:D
    DUUUUUDE. 1 Year in FC and still no Avatar?
    Congratulations on the 1 Year Vet Award. Stick around and have fun!
    Look at that, you've been active within the community for a whole year! Between you and me, I think you'll be here with us even longer, am I right? Congrats on the Vet Award!
    What plans do you have for the next year?
    Turt Turt! Congrats on the Veterancy Award! Whoa dude, one year in fever! What a milestone, so cool to see you so active in the clan, we really are lucky to have you. What has been the funniest memory you have of fever?
    Consistency and dedication are great qualities. Congratulations on your Vet Silver award! What's kept you around so long exactly? I'm sure you've stayed active due to your involvement and sense of home here rather than to retain a voice activation TS status. Haha. Here's to another year! *cheers*
    Congrats on your Vet. Award Silver for being active in Fever for 1 yr!!!
    It's really fun playing league with you. So its amazing that you have been in Fever for 1yr to experience all the new members that flow through.
    So what is your favorite part about being in fever?
    Anyways keep being active. One more year until you get another award!!!
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