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  • I will comment on your profile to make myself feel better about yourself about myself
    Tuj! Great work on the rank up. I see you are still tearing it up on the Rift, and now you're teaching people how to do the same. How is that working out for you? You might need to teach me how to play some time if there is any hope for me :p I did take a break to binge play D3 though, but if you up for it one day we can get together and you can help me out lol. You've been such a help in the LoL section and I want to say thank you and keep up the excellent work!
    I played sc2 a while back, played on a fever team. Now I play league and d3 and play with fever people sometimes.
    I'm an all around player and play several genres of games, however, the one that I've put the most hours into are MOBAS (particularly Smite). I was big into MMORPGs, but none have captured my eye recently and I'm not sure I can handle the grind MMORPGs require anymore.

    you asked what games I play. Mostly I play RPG games. I played dragon age 2 and 3, the elder scrolls 4: oblivion, elder scrolls online, the witcher 2, Diablo 1 - 2 and 3, neverwinter, ... So as you can see all RPG's. I also like to play Dungeon and Dragons with my dungeon master (LOL my husband) and fellow adventurer (my son).

    Probably Harvest Moon on the PS1. That's the first game that I spent 5 hours a day playing :D
    Thanks so much! I originally joined Fever to play League of Legends and to meet people. Now I'm in college and I've pretty much quit playing LoL, but I still greatly enjoy being a part of this community. :D
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