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  • Hey, thanks for the welcome! My favorite champion is probably Vladimir right now, but I also love Udyr and Nasus. I'd love to play with you sometime though, what server are you on?
    I like to play classes where everything is simple and I can just hit the button and kill things... it's sort of my therapy.
    So Barbarian and Crusader are usually the two classes I play most... though I sometimes like a demon hunter... shooting things is sort of the same feeling.
    Ay Trance,thx for the welcome
    about league oh annie ? damn op champ hah just jking,annie was the first champ i rolled with pre 30 but for now my favorites are pantheon and viktor,i know what u think these guy likes to play UP champs and u r right! some champ are UP yet should be part of the competitive scene
    about skyforge its still in closed beta,in the 4th phase of cb precisely wich i am pretty happy to be part on.this will be the 1st time i ll play,however it look pretty promising.what about u wich game do u play ?
    Probably templar right now, normally love tanky classes.

    My ex honestly did and i just still log in for a bit and play
    I'd love if we could play some Minecraft together sometimes. Personally, I prefer vanilla because it takes too much effort with the drama about mods! I play a lot on public servers and am slightly obsessed with Survival Games .

    Hopefully we'll get a chance and play sometime, if you'd like n.n
    My fav. assassin is probably Illidan. Although I think I've gotten pretty boss w/ KT as of late and Valla was the first hero I really ever played as. So, we'll just call it a three way tie ;)

    Who's your favorite support? Been watching the American qualifiers for BlizzCon and BW and Uther seem to be the popular picks.
    I really enjoy playing warriors. So far I like anub and muradin the best. I'll definitely add you on bnet so be can get some games in soon!
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