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    Finding constructive solutions to frustrating problems (Please Read)

    ahh the classic leech problem. I just tell Leeches no and move on from there but i'm a very blunt person.
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    So how is Kadala treating you so far ?

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    Season 7

    I feel thge free UE set is too good to ignore. Starting DH feels likea perfect plan.
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    Season 7 Leveling Event! *SIGN UP*

    sorry mate never saw this post.
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    Season 7 Leveling Event! *SIGN UP*

    I'd be down with a monk if yall want me.
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    Updates: Legion DPS

    TMOE#1975 Assassin
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    Ultima Online is Still alive!

    So was talking to Muldred and telling him I'm playing ultima online right now he was interested so i figured i'd let you fellas and ladies know too. I am playing this free server Connecting – Ultima Shards Follow that connecting section and you can come play with us. The server has a...
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    GR 4 Man Push Sat June 11th 1pm-? EST

    TMOE gr 95 dps wiz or monk support.
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    Leader Boards

    click profile go to season then look at your achievements it shows your best in each category. or you can go to leaderboards set filter to friends and set to 4 player and find yourself.
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    Caldesann's Despair

    all main stat! no matter the piece.
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    Firebirds bug is here to stay....for the season.

    Obviously we shouldn't abuse it but it's also not the strongest wizard build anyways to get the bug to work you have to gimp your damage so much that you max out really quickly and caldessan's won't help so at the higher levels a real firebirds or vyrs+rasha archon pushes higher.
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    85+ 4 mans

    I run 85+ a lot and will be doing it even more often in the near future if you need a wiz i'm almost always running 85+ You're welcome to join me if others haven't.
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    Be back tonight

    do both!
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    Be back tonight

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    Be back tonight

    awesome we might be pushing 96 tonight haven't decided yet.