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  • Hey Tigeax, it's good to meet you. I really like rolling Reaper in overwatch. He plays very much like most FPS games so he's easy for me to use. I haven't had as much luck with any tanks yet. Need more practice. And I haven't tried smite yet but I've heard good things.
    Hey. Nice to meet you. Most of my friends call me either Tigers or Jahi(Ja-hee). To answer your questions, My favorite champion is Yasuo. I've been playing it for 2 years now. And i have played smite before, but I wasnt very good at it on pc. And I will certainly look for you, as well as many others in Teamspeak.
    Hello!~ :)
    I only recently wanted to get into playing Smite more often, so I don't play ranked yet, I'm under level 30 somewhere. But I like to play with people I know, so I don't play alone often, which I guess you can figure is why I came looking for a clan. xP
    Uhm, my favorites are Nu Wa, Chang'e and Aphrodite. But I also like Bastet and Jing Wei recently. I'm still trying to get a hold on most of them. x: I'll try and get in on some game nights, I'm starting a day shift job so I'll actually have time for it now!
    Did i ever play smite? yeah once or twice. i had a max lvl account with a few lvl 10 mysteries but i no longer remember the login. I am friends with the CFO of Hi-Rez Studios. My favorite champion for League was yorick, but now its aatrox.
    Who's a nice lil Tigger~
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