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  • Greetings The Rev,

    Thanks for dropping by to say hello. So far, I pretty much adore Overwatch. I'm looking forward to finding a more consistent group of people to play with. I've been playing since the open beta fairly consistently although I'm taking a small break in the off-season as of now. My favorite hero is probably Soldier but I play a lot of Pharah and Zarya as well. When I'm in the mood for some support action, Zenyatta or Lucio are my favorite picks.

    Thanks again for the warm welcome. I'll see you around in TS I'm sure!
    Heyo, been busy these past days, so sorry for the late reply. But thanks for the welcome.

    I got into HOTS when I started getting bored of League, I really like Blizzards take on the moba genre and I've garnered about 14 days of gameplay time. My favorite hero is Azmodan, I really love his kit, being able to just melt people down with a single basic ability. Haven't really played it for a while now though.
    Although it hasn't been long since I joined the clan, I think I am going to enjoy my time here.
    Hey Man, Just noticed all you posts on Overpwn. Nice work. I know I am not active in Fever anymore, but it nice to see it is still going strong.
    Hey! Hi again =)

    I like HotS, it is clearly different than LoL and Dota =)
    I play the game since Alpha, and i love to play LiMing (if you never played it, its the most broken hero ;) )
    I played Smite a long time ago, was pretty good memories.

    Thank you for this message, and see you on TS again =)
    Thanks man, seems like a good community. I love HotS, it's currently my game of choice due to the length of the games and I get to play all my favorite characters. Don't have a favorite hero, but I tend to be working on heroes who are level 7-8 on my roster and end up loving them by 9. I've played heavily since Alpha and follow the scene closely.
    Hi there!

    I like it a lot. I don't get into many FPS games, but every since the open beta i've been hooked. My favorite hero is D.Va. Lucio is very fun also. I change between him and mercy for heals, depending on the map.

    Thanks for the welcome :D
    Prefer fatigue mage and beast druid currently, I play Overwatch myself but have never played D3 or SMITE, and I only dabbled in WoW a little bit. Thanks for the welcome, hopefully we will be able to play Overwatch together.
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