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  • Hi my name is Tayco and I want to welcome you into Fever!!! I hope your time as fever is as wonderful as mine has been. Fever is a unique community, unlike most clans fever rewards you for taking an extra step and trying to help out the community. A little bit about me, I like FPS and Survival games such as Rust, Ark, Siege, DayZ and Arma. If you ever want someone to play any of those let me know. :) I wish you the best in fever and remember to always share you tacos with me :D
    Hey there, Nate_Dawggy :) My name is Angel ^-^ It's nice to meet you!

    I've never played Dying Light, but I looked it up because it seemed interesting, and it looks like a zombie type game xD Is this right? The graphics seem pretty dang amazing and it looks like something I may be interested in! Is is a free to play game or your average 30ish dollars to own? What is your favorite part about the game? Do you find lots of things to be scary? I like scaryesque games :D So maybe I wouldn't mind it so much >< hehehe.

    If you ever need anything, please feel free to message me! I'll do what I can to assist you ^-^

    Angel out =p
    Welcome back to Fever!
    Welcome Back Nate_Dawggy!

    My name is Requ1em & I am a member of the Greeting Team! I see that you originally joined Fever during the month of June of 2014.
    It's great to see you have come back to the community! You have great timing because there are a ton of excellent things going on in
    the community right now - WHATEVER GAME YOUR PLAYING!

    Once again - Welcome Back!

    - req
    This is familiar, great work again within the Fever clan, it's really showing with the rolling promotions you continue to receive! Keep the momentum rolling, there's much more to come from you, I'm sure. :)
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