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  • Hello, nice to meet you too :)
    There isn't any type of a character I like to play, I just pick something that will be needed in game. But yeah the types are mostly the same as in other MOBAs.
    I think I started playing around 2014 but I had some moments when I didn't play it for months, then just come back and play it every day. :)
    The think that mostly interests me in Dota is that almost anything can work.
    i was in WoD retri paladin and a prot paladin im more intrested in PvE then PvP, but at the moment i do not play in Legion if i can get the time and money for it i will contact you again mate :)
    Hey Teeze,

    Thanks for the warm welcome.

    So far I enjoy Fever a lot. Had some nice games today.

    It's a pity that you don't play shooter but I get that. My girlfriend also gets motion sickness in those games ;)
    Just started playing Overwatch two weeks ago. So far I think I enjoy the tank class the most. The big monkey and D. Va especially.

    What are the games you are playing?

    Hope to talk to you soon
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