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  • Greetings. Nice to see you're still here.
    I'm somewhat siege and survival mad, You appear like someone I Should shoot messages at.
    I'll definitely let you know if I move to join up with one of the survival crowd! Good hunting to you!
    Hello and thank you for the warm, welcoming message! I am also an FPS lover, along with survival games. I have not yet played any of the games you mentioned (Rust, Ark, Siege, DayZ and Arma), but I am planning on buying the last one on the next big sale! I will need someone to teach me tho, because I've heard it is not as "casual" as other games I used to play.
    Thanks for the welcome, though I'm quite the opposite. I have over 300 hours on Rust and I regret every second of it. Hah, regardless I can see why survival is such a popular genre; It's just not for me. I might join Rust again if they do some really cool update that adds tanks or something. Thanks again, and I'm glad to meet you!
    Thank you for the warm welcome! I play FPS games as well, I honestly dont have a "main" game, what are your feeling on Arma 3 vs Arma 2? I got 2, and was looking into getting 3
    Hey Tayco thanks for much for the invite! I'm actually eating tacos right now! *offers you three* hehe.

    I'm starting to get interested in those type of games, been reading a lot of survival books lately actually, so maybe I shall take you up on that offer soon <3
    Hi there. Thanks for the message.

    Star Craft is an RTS, but it would be cool if it was an MMO too.

    I usually stick to console for my FPS games, but I am looking into getting ARMA at some point. Maybe you could show me the ropes?

    If I had a taco to share I'd share it with you.
    I want to like survival games but I just can't get into them for some reason. I played tons of minecraft (before it became cool), which is a big inspiration for that genre. And the building and development aspects - should be right up my alley. But I just haven't found one that grabs me. :/

    Out of those you listed, I do have Rust. I might give it a go again sometime, see how it has developed.
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