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  • Thank you for the welcome even thought it was some time ago and i really havent had a chance to reply. I do play LoL and its one of the main games that i play as far as RTS games. Thanks for the kind thoughts :)
    Hey, I'm a big fan of blizz games.
    Though I mostly just play d3.
    I love ARPGs!
    Hey, thanks alot. and yes i love heroes as well and i play zeratul and etc... both my fav guys. id love to play a game i with you sometime so come find me and say hi!
    Hi Sins! Thanks for the welcome! I've been meaning to try MOBAs for years and never got around to it. I've had alpha access to HotS since last May, but never gave it a shot until they announce the open beta a few weeks ago. One of the big reasons I like it is because it is Blizzard! I'm a big fan of Blizz games. Having characters from across all of their franchises is very cool to me. Right now, I really like the challenge of learning how to play. I can already tell I am better today than I was a week ago. I don't really have a favorite character right now. I am trying to maximize gold gain so I am playing all of the free to play characters to level 5 to get the gold.

    Thanks again! See you out there!
    I've got to get back on here and put GTA as my main for now. CS is moving to the back of my queue.

    I like the strategy aspect of CS, but I can't come to terms with the aiming these days.

    Thanks for the welcome!
    I have WoW (which I'm not to interested in anymore) Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm. I play other games as well. CS:GO, Binding of Issac, Minecraft, all sorts.
    Thank you for the welcome. To answer your questions, I like the fact that it is a team game and no matter how good a person is you have to use teamwork to win. Solo player games help one person out while LoL has made it to no matter how good you think you are, you have to work with people and make a plan to win. I main adc and support, I started out on League as a support and learned quickly from that role how to play adc and it has helped me work better with the people i am laning with by knowing the role they play and what they are able to do.
    I am a semi-competitive person who truly believes that the best games involve the most teamwork. After watching WoW destroy all teamwork elements in MMORPG's I was ready for a new type of game that would push teamwork. That was when I stumbled upon a LoL advertisement online. Started playing LoL right after it's release and immediately loved the skill and teamwork it took to be decent at the game, not to mention the characters were amazing! After a few years of LoL I started looking for a game where support (my favorite role in LoL) players could carry. I landed on a newly open beta MOBA called Smite, it had awesome characters and a really cool first person style that I believed was an amazing step in the genre. It also had a real solo queue instead of the duo queue that drove me crazy in LoL. Then they announced that they wanted to put a ranked duo queue in the game and that sort of killed the game for me, well that and I was forced to play hunter in Smite because I was experienced and hunters carried hardest. Then came the announcement that Blizzard (A company who's games I have been playing since I was 6 years old!) was going to get into the MOBA scene. I knew almost immediately that I was going to play it.

    So I got into the HotS beta with a LoL mindset of last hitting, farm farm farming for 20 minutes, babysit the adc blah blah blah. Started playing and after about two games I realized that the nifty objectives that they had put in HotS is really what wins games! Great! something to force action earlier in the game! Also, while supports weren't a powerhouse role some supports could stand alone in a lane if the team needed it. That made supports feel a little more useful to me. Also HotS included a new role the specialist who's main objective was to destroy the enemy's base as fast as possible. I found myself loving the specialist role, trying to figure out when my team needed me and when I could take advantage of being alone in a lane to wreck havoc on the enemies base.

    I like that it is fast paced and slightly more forgiving than some other MOBA's. In order I would say I am best at Specialist, Assassin, Support, then Tanks (but i feel like I play the first three close to equally well and once I figure out how to keep my losing teams from wanting to teamfight all day long my Tanks wont be to far behind.) I plan on attending the NA game nights during the summer to meet a few people and get a feel for play styles, hopefully when school starts back up I will be able to keep attending, if not I may make an EU account and hang out with the EU crowd on Fridays. I am currently fixing a few issues I found during the interview process with my headset but after that I will probably jump into the feverclan channel looking for some people to knock out the daily with and goof around in quick match for a while.

    Long story so you could get a feel for who I am and where I came from as a MOBA player. Im always willing to play with people though just let me know!
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