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  • It's been a slow two years huh? ... HA , Ok... I'll stop with the joking... But i'm going to back to back a question on you... Favorite anime, And why?
    2 year!!! Congrats! hope you have had a great time in those 2 years, hope to see you for much more!
    hey snailey. its kinda weird not seeing you. i just wanted to let you know i hit captain and that i wouldn't be here without you. ever since i joined the greetings team you always helped me and now i may not be leading the welcoming department but im leading the greetings team! and i hope to become as good of as boss as you were. take care snailey and i hope to see you again soon
    Hi Snailey, I was told that you were a Mod when everyone was playing Neverwinter and I wanted to ask for you help with bring back Neverwinter. Please PM me if your interested
    Just wondering how you have been, and how your family is doing. I hope you had a good Thanksgiving, admitted a little curious if you do a traditional deal with huge extended family or just something cozy or anything at all.

    You are missed, and I hope to hear from you soon.
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