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  • Hey! You pedophilic my little pony wanker! Where are you?! It's been a while, I need my carry pls!
    my chat Box is broken btw, i saw you sent me a Message and only for a second did it pop up but it has been broken forever :(
    It wouldnt let me send you a pm so here.

    Yes i do, i mainly make logos and edit in photoshop but im not bad in adobe after effects either. Here is some of my work.

    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
    Most of these are some of what I did for other people hope its enough for you to look at.
    Hey there,
    mentioning you in the Weekly just in case we have something in the meantime - don't get confused ;)
    Yeah, I told him we raped and he was like "Sure you raped. You guys are the best duo ever" and I was like "Ikr!"

    Also sure, we can try Ra adc cause Krat wants to try Chiron mid so we'll have a hunter.
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