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    Guides: Battlefield 1 For Dummies

    maybe you recently start playing Battlefield 1, maybe you'v already been playing for a couple hundred hours. but out there in the battlefield i see alot of people that could use a handfull of tips and tricks. so here's a general guideline that will give you a small advantage starting out...
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    Guides: Battlefield 1 Pistol Guide

    Choosing a suitable pal for your primary can be a difficult decision. You can't be messing around with the choice when your sidearm could very well be your second chance. Like any other weapon in battlefield 1, A lot comes down to personal preference. if you have a weapon that you'd like to...
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    Exited for the Necromancer?

    As many of us might know your probably going to be able to play him at Gamescom 2017, after the Gamescom is over he goes live or ptr in 2-3 weeks. Which corresponds with what blizzard said about him being released in the second half of this year. is anyone as exited as me to hear the...
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    Anyone playing BF1?

    i'm up for it :) Origin: Skitsomnia
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    EU BF1 squad, voicechat coop

    i'm interested :) EU-PC : Skitsomnia
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    Got BF1

    i'll game with you :) origin: Skitsomnia
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    Battlefield 1 [REALISM] Video made by Veracity!

    well plaied :D got some skills with that infantry!
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    Any active BF1 gamers looking for active gamers :)?

    hello just wanted to see how many active bf1 players we have in the community and possibly get a few people to group up with. been playing BF1 for 84 hours alone/in random groups to date, would really love to have some communication going and some better strats then everyone run in circles till...
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    Approved: Skitsomnia's Application

    Games you play: Rust, BF1, DD2, Osiris New Dawn Main Game: BattleField Series Age: 22 Gender: Male Country: Denmark FPS Username: Skitsomnia League of Legends or other Moba Username: tag: MMO Username: Steam Username: xFire Username: Other Usernames: Do you have a...