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  • Congrats on the rank up
    Well there are right people here to play with,plus those who are good at teaching.I dont mean ones that demand you do this or that. Rather the ones that try to find your play style and help improve.Though if you already at a good level,there are a bunch of people to group with for normal drafts as well.

    If it rank you are looking for,well id wish you the best of luck then.I couldnt even try to get into that scene and am more of just winning games without worrying about being competetive or not.

    IF you are up for normals or see me on,add SUNKENR0CK and if you need a break for that then try HOTS. Good members here for grouping, and i hope you get a nice welcome as well.(BN SunKenRock#11577

    Hey my name is DerangedDrew and I hope you're enjoying your time so far! I am here to help ease you into the process oof becoming an active member in FEVER! and ofc having fun!

    If you ever have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to send me a PM, or simply find me on TS in the Diablo section most of the time! I don't bite at all and certainly don't mind helping out! I just joined about two weeks ago and it was a little crazy for me at first! Not to mention, just hang out and have a good time!

    The links that are located below will take you to the sections of the forum that have the most traffic! Also, when you have time, go ahead and put together an introduction, don't be shy!

    Competition Central
    Open Discussion
    Member Discussion

    Also, if you're ever curious about how promotion and ranks work, head over to the link below and check it out!
    Promotion Guide

    Don't forget that we do have Fever Coins! I know you heard a little bit about them, but below is a link so you can be fully aware what they are and how to utilize them!
    Fever Coins

    Looking for a job or a way to contribute to Fever? Here are all the listings, I currently have 2 jobs and they really help me stay active and be involved in making FEVER a better place, you wont regret getting one, or two!
    Fever Job Openings!

    Here is our Social Sites, please go check them out and tell us what you think!
    Fever Google+
    Fever Twitter
    Fever Youtube
    Fever Facebook
    Fever Steam Community

    Hello Sixxed17, and welcome to fever I hope you've had a warm welcome to the fever family :) I see you play a wide selection! I also have OW, lol and hots also Diablo 3 so if you're ever on either you can add me @ DerangedDrew#1957 don't hesitate to ask me anything i've been playing game for a long while now and can help or just talk if you want! What's your favorite OW toon? also on HoTS? I hope to see you around the forums and ts :) and remember don't feel shy to ask me any question you may have and welcome to the fever family :)
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