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    Mankrik | Prime Time | Queue

    Here's why: Layered Realms Update
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    Member Roster Mankrik-Horde

    Updated with server and guild info, Fever Legion is being used because Oldskule was already using Fever on Alliance side same server. Anyone can invite to the guild for the time being, if you're a Fever officer please let Izzo, Violet, Medic739, or Valoseu know so they can set you to Officer...
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    Dire Maul available 10/15/19 separate from Phase 2

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    Alternate Timeline Classic

    So we were discussing this the other day...
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    Primer for 5 man group leveling using dungeons (very fast)

    What, you don't run straight towards the healer and Feign Death?!
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    Classic World of Warcraft Launch Event & Leveling Competition 8/26 3PM PST to 9/6

    If we win in multiple categories, do we get multiple service stars on Fever Competition Award?
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    Fever Horde Guild server (Bigglesworth)

    Its also really hard to manipulate the economy that directly in WoW, since people will just turn to trade chat to break it if need be.
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    List System (Our Classic WoW Raid loot distribution)

    This is exactly why I dislike Loot Council. Everything in the red eventually creeps in over time and disadvantages either new players that don't know anyone, or less social old players who suddenly find themselves loot starved because an officer's buddy transferred in and everyone likes that...
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    Fever Horde Guild server (Bigglesworth) I realize most people have already reserved on Fairbanks, however; More realms are being added Monday morning at 10am/1pm PDT/EDT Character creation limit being uncapped to standard 10/50 realm/total at...
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    Closed: mcormack's Application to Join

    If this is a legit application please edit with actual responses or this will be cleaned as spam when I check the forums tomorrow.
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    Bigglesworth Horde - LFG for Leveling group mega thread

    Where's Mankrik's Wife? Leader: Sidonis Members: Sidonis Leveling Style: Soloists Expected Playtimes: Whenever until 60 Looking For: Other solo levelers to make Chuck Norris and Murloc jokes with while racing Ghist and Medic739 to 60.
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    Primer for 5 man group leveling using dungeons (very fast)

    I will be solo leveling my hunter, but as long as I'm online, feel free to send me an invite for dungeon resets.
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    Raid Composition and working individual raid group combos (Discussion)

    With hunters usually getting dropped in the same group, as long as its communicated before start of raid you have only one with Trueshot Aura, one with the full Improved Hunters Mark, raising the overall DPS of the Hunters instead of having 3-4 identical hunters with a point in Trueshot Aura and...
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    Anyone else have time off/vacation lined up for Classic WoW release?

    I'm taking 8/27-8/30 off, so with Labor Day weekend I'll have through 9/2
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    Fever Horde Guild Roster

    Update to Skinning/LW, I'll have dropped Mining for LW well before MC/Ony starts.