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  • Glad to be back. I tend to play a single game at a time and play it hard. Right now I am trying to balance two. Albion Online with Vendetta and Fortnite with other FeverClan members.
    congrats on your rank up to Sergeant! What do you like best about fever clan and hope to see you on the forums
    Congratulations on your promotion to Sergeant. You are a great asset to HoTS . Keep up the good work and share your experience with the other members. What is your favorite toon in HoTS? I really played it for the first time today, do you have any recommendations for a new player? I have been thinking about playing it more. Thanks for all you do and keep up the good work!
    Congrats on your rank up!!! On behalf of FEVERCLAN i thank you for your time you have put in to bring in new people and to help make feverclan the way it is. so thank you and Congrats on your rank up
    Oh! Oh! Rank up time! Congrats on ranking up to Corporal Shozen! Woaaaaah, thank you for bringing new members! So happy to have them and so happy to have you increasing the community! :ghost: What do you love most about Fever? :cupcake:

    p.s If you are going to respond do it on the members page.
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