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    Game Night 4 pm PST (7 pm EST)

    The amazing Miss Joker will be hosting an Among Us game night on Fridays! Don't miss it!
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    Welcome to FFXIV

    Hello everyone, and welcome to Final Fantasy XIV, the best and most beautiful MMO around (and the only one with music written by Nobuo Uematsu)! Our Fever FFXIV community is growing, and we currently have a FC! Fever <<Fever>> Server: Faerie (Aether DC) We'd love to set up an FC on Crystal and...
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    FFXIV Game Night Schedule

    Our current official game nights are: Wednesday at 4 pm PST (7 pm EST), hosted by Ivory Flame For all game nights, members from any server are welcome. Come join us in the Discord and chat!
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    FFXIV Patch Notes 5.2-5.25

    5.2 : Patch 5.2 Notes | FINAL FANTASY XIV, The Lodestone 5.21 : Patch 5.21 Notes | FINAL FANTASY XIV, The Lodestone 5.25 : Patch 5.25 Notes | FINAL FANTASY XIV, The Lodestone
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    FFXIV Staff and Job Listings

    Company Commander: Ivory Flame Deputy Company Commander: Vacant Assistant Company Commander: Vacant Administrator(s) (officer+): Vacant Raid Lead (enlisted+): Shonenn Coaching Staff (enlisted+): Responsible for knowing their role(s), and can coach and give advice when requested. Tank: Vacant...
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    D3 Season 21 - Leveling Event - 3 July 2020 - 5:00 PM Pacific, 7:00 PM Central, 8:00 PM Eastern (1 Viewer)

    kaottic and I are in :) If you can find us some teammates, that would be great <3
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    Impromptu All Fever Town of Salem Event

    Why you hold TOS event during my D&D game? D:
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    Town of Salem All Fever Night Part 3

    As long as it's only going to run 2 hours, I should be able to make it. :)
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    Town of Salem All Fever Night Part 3

    If it's 5 pm EST (thus 2 pm PST), I may be able to.
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    AC:NH Game Night Interest Survey

    Cherry Blossoms <3
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    Social Staff

    Head: Selenite Deputy Head: theoldbore Assistant Head: Schlinky GOTM Coordinator: theoldbore Tabletop Coordinator: Oswin22 Arcade Coordinator: OmegaDir Content Manager: VACANT GAME NIGHTS - Regular Game Night Hosts: Schlinky - Town of Salem Miss Joker - Among Us
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    Town of Salem All Fever Edition: Part Two

    I'm in! But maybe we should put it off until 4/4 so Violet can play. :o
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    55... Now I'm wondering whether certain people are just lurking, waiting, watching... for the chance to take 69. XD
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    51... nah. Centipedes don't really have 100 legs. Though a demi-centipede sounds pretty cool. Ooo, imagine a centipede centaur... :o
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    47. I wonder if my students have any idea how much time I spend on class, or if they just assume I'm in and out and that's it.