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  • Hey there! Here's that link we were talking about. Smite Promotions. Earn your gifts and free gems by sharing! Free gems are always available for the time being! All are welcome to join the wonderful promotion and a chance to earn free gems and gifts! Thanks for the points. :)
    nice work making it to SS, don't let us down when bringing in those recruits :p
    We must mass an army and it's up to you :O Excellent work! :loyal:
    I would like to congratulate you on a well earned promotion. Keep up the good work recruiting! Members like yourself that continue to bring new members to this clan are what keeps it alive and running smooth. :)
    Congrats on ranking up!!
    Keep recruiting and spreading the name!!
    What are some of the tactics you use for recruiting people?
    After reading those blogs, never give up on love. You'll miss the next great thing in your life doing that. Just pursue you personal happiness and keep yourself open ready and available for love!
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