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  • You have done an awesome job at coaching here at fever. That is something I'm not good at is coaching new players. So I'm glad some people are talented at it. Thanks for your time and really appreciate your time here, and congrats on your promotion and I hope you stay here for much longer. I hope to see you on team speak and the forums.
    Chris!!!Congrats on ranking up to Gunnery Sergeant and for your award of course. Doing an amazing job as a coach, keep it up. Teaching new players the HotS way, awesome! Can it be stressful teaching starters? :cupcake:
    Congratulations on your excellent work in the coaching department, also congratulations on your promotion to GySgt!
    Thank you for doing such a superb job in the coaching department! Congrats on the rank up, coaching players can be really difficult at times? What is your favorite part about being a coach?
    I also saw you posted an OIT application! good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!
    Congrats on your rank up! Thank you so much for contributing the most important way one can to our community. Recruiting is always important and I hope you keep it up! Add me on bnet xvose#1451 if youd like to play some HotS sometime. :)
    You have obviously been busy recruiting people on Fever. So congrats on the rankup!! It is definitely deserved.
    From Cpl to SSG is a big jump!! Thank yous o much for taking the time out of your day to recruit sooo many people. Always remember that your willingness to help the community will never go unnoticed!!
    So what are some of the ways you do to recruit people?
    Keep up the good work!! You will go through the ranks EASY AS PIE!!
    Nice work on the well deserved rank up. It takes people like you to keep us going. Recruits are the lifeline of any community and those who recruit like you do are what keep us alive. Do you have a particular way of recruiting or do you just casually engage conversation with people? I hope you keep up the good work and continue to earn those ranks!
    Congratulation on your rank up! Requiting or the clan is the best way to keep this clan going and getting new people in allows for more ideas on how we can improve the clan. once again Congratulation!!
    Sandmonk! aka Chris! Congratulations on getting a promotion! Staff Sergeant, how rad is that! Efforts do pay off, thanks for increasing the number of members in the community! :cupcake: If you could describe fever in one word what would it be?

    eat, sleep, game, repeat :ghost:

    Great job on your rank up to Staff Sergeant! You are one of the people helping our Heroes of the storm section flourish! Keep up the great work recruiting!
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