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  • Hello sam and Welcome to the best multi-gaming clan and community around.

    My name is Firefighter4ISU and I'll be giving you brief "tour" if you will around the clan. Don't be afraid, this part is very painless and soon you will be wrecking people with the rest of us.

    First things first:

    INTRODUCE yourself to us. Tell us all about you. There is a template available if you aren't sure what we want to hear or just make something up. We just want to get to know you better.

    After we know more about you cruise on over and check out the Fever Jobs section. See something you like? PM the appropriate individual and they will get you the information needed to get started and flourish.

    One of things that make this clan unique is the Fever Coin system. It is a basic monetary system. You can earn coins and trade them for games, etc. Read that page to understand the system more in depth.

    Fever holds all of it's members in high regard. We are the epitome of class and respect when it comes to gaming. Look at our Fever Standards to read and understand the rules. We take these very seriously. So if you are in violation of one it may lead to a parting of ways.

    Lastly, our Fever Rank and Promotion Guide. This will tell you everything you need to know about advancing your rank in Fever. Be active, contribute and generally be a good person and you will advance.

    A few more items of note:

    If you are like me you are constantly on the go and never chained to your computer. If that is the case grab Tapatalk and follow Fever Clan. I use this everyday and I absolutely love it. It shows the trending topics, unread content, subscriptions, private messages and more. Plus it's free.

    Check out all of our social media outlets:

    Alright, with all of the formalities out of the way get out there and have some fun. Look for me on TeamSpeak. See you out there!
    Hi. welcome to the clan. I enjoyed chatting with you. I hope that you have a good time here. I hope to see you around and maybe we can play some starcraft.
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