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  • Aloha Saitaer!

    My name is Nne and as one of Fever's youngest players, I'd like to personally welcome you to the clan!

    I find it so adorable that your 10 year old daughter is already playing video games! My dad and both my brothers got me started on video games very early on as well. I think my first games were either Crash Bandicoot or Spyro! What was hers? I see you're a World of Warcraft player! I use to play WoW but quit not too long ago as I didn't enjoy WoD as much as I thought I would. I played an Alliance Shadow Priest. Are you Alliance or Horde? Also, what is your main class?

    I hope to speak to you soon on teamspeak and if you have any questions, feel free to PM me or poke me on Teamspeak.

    Howdy Saitaer, Welcome to Fever! I see your main game is Diablo 3 here at Fever we have quite a large Diablo 3 community, I have never come onto teamspeak and seen any less than ten people playing Diablo at a time. What level are you and what is your favorite class to play in Diablo?

    Well I'm glad that I could be the one to welcome you to this wonderful community! Do not be afraid to just hop into a teamspeak channel and say hello everyone here at Fever is here to have fun so they will all be happy to play with you. Fever has been a great place for me I know you mentioned always wanting to play with someone and I have never had to play a game alone since I joined and I hope it will be the same way for you!

    Glad to have you and see you on teamspeak,
    Welcome to Fever Saitaer. I do believe we are the best mature gaming clan out there. The past two years have given me a consistant, friendly, and comfortable experience within the community. If you have any questions feel free to ask either me or anyone with an officer tag. We would be more than happy to help…….HAPPY GAMING!!
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