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  • Oh dear, you sexy little thing... I'm not speaking of you :D
    Congrats on your promotion, Repus!
    Let me (or any other officer) know if you need some help.
    But I'm guessing somehow that isn't really necessary :D
    Good Evening Repus89,

    Welcome to the Fever Clan! I'm sure you'll have fun in the clan. It's hard to make friends on some games, and Fever Clan definitely helps out a lot. I hope you and I can play a game together. I try to play with everyone!

    If you have any questions feel free to send me a message.
    Brian Z
    Welcome to Fever!
    "Alright boys, let's make this an easy heist" Bane talks through the intercom. "The security system is just a piece of crap, and only five guards manage the entire bank." Unfortunately, as you leave your van the guards somehow notice that a four people wearing bullet-proof armor, gloves, suits, with guns on their backs, and knives in a sheath, with mask attached to their waistbands to somehow be suspicious. He immediately calls the police. Unable to gather hostages in time, since they evacuated, there's nothing really stopping the SWAT from coming in. As your crew tried to make a hasty escape, you realize your getaway got away. You've all ended up a decent sentence in prison. During your shower period Ol' Man Bubba says "It's dangerous to go alone take this" and hands you a "sword".


    Welcome to Fever! I'm Shortcutcomix, aka Ray! I see your a PAYDAY 2 player, I love that game to no ends meet! I always wonder how guards don't notice you on the bank heist with all your equipment equipped. So, I made my own spoof. If you'd ever be up for a game I'll probably be available! Just send me a message, or find me on TS3!
    Hey Repus89 and welcome to Fever! Payday 2 hmmm? Been a while since I've played that! But sure to pick it up again? Whats you favourite build and why?
    Hey man, welcome to Fever, I see you play Payday 2, I have that game too and I love it. Even pre-ordered it for PS4. What level are you at? And what skill tree do you like most?
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