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  • Happy-Early Halloween!

    congrats on making officer!! i noticed u play a lot of league. we definitely need to play :)
    Thank you for all that you ahve done within Fever, you have earned your spot as an Officer ithin Fever. :)
    I am an Officer my self same time as you, So iam really looking forward on meeting you, playing with you,a dn getting to know you
    PICKLEY PICKLES! Hey you with the face, Congradulicmacation on your rank up. Keep up the great work ^^

    Repulsive! Didn't know you had signed up to be an Officer, Congratulations man. Haven't really seen you much on league lately, must just not be on when you are :( Keep up the work in the League section, it's become the biggest section in Fever and you are a big help in making it that way! We need to play some time soon <.<
    Continuing the story:
    The two Floridians started into each other eyes and someone finally asked! And the two Floridians now enjoy each other more than before in a non sexual way! (well no one wants to hear the dirty stuff) <3
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