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  • Hopefully we will talk :D I always like to hear someone with experience :D We are working on more "serious" website and hopefully we will have one in next few months, untill then we need to use this one :D
    All good, I've been playing WoW pretty heavily and haven't played much HotS anymore now that my sub is paid for like 3 months. If WoW was free I wouldn't care as much lol
    Hey guys ^u^ I'm sorry that when I joined this clan I hadn't realized that I would be so overwhelmed with my life that I wouldn't be able to be on much. I thank you guys for welcoming me and I'm going to try to catch up with everyone and be a bit more active when I can, Thanks again!
    Red-san kon'nichiwa, ichizoku e yōkoso. I am Sachi-chan and it is a pleasure to meet you! I see you play Lag of Losers... I mean Leauge of legends.. my bad. Who are your main champions and whats your main role? I have to many champions to name off but my main roles is mid and support! If you ever feel like chatting or playing a game or two with me, feel free to send me a message!
    Welcome to Fever!
    Riddle me this, Riddle me that, who's afraid of The Red Sly Fox? DUNNUNUNUNUNUN! HAHA! Finally!

    Welcome to Fever! My name is Shortcut, but you can call me Ray! I'm so estatic to meet another osu! player! Osu! is my main game, infact I'm the content creator for the forum section! Check it out here! What's your favorite map? On which difficulty? Hell, what's you rank?! DAMN! I'm so happy to have met you stranger!! Hope to see you around!
    Welcome to Fever RedSlyFox! Haven't played much of League myself. Have you tried Heroes of the Storm yet?
    Welcome RedSlyFox! No worries about knowing Smite, there's plenty of resources here to assist you. I hope to see you on TeamSpeak some time and we can further our knowledge about Smite. Cheers!
    Hello! Hey! Hi! Welcome to the Fever Gaming Community! Glad to have you here, sure you won't regret joining. So a League of Legend player, awesome! I used to play League, you'll find a great community for the game. I see you're searching for Smite players, you've hit the jack pot. I can introduce you to some smite players if you'd like. I hope you enjoy your time here in Fever. Doubts, concerns? I'm here to clarify them for you, I'm a pm away or find me on TeamSpeak. Have some awesome gaming time! :ghost:
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