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  • Hello ravenloc, just stopping by to let you know I am the new XO Leader of 1-1-4 along side of the CO MorbidLemming. Any questions or concerns you have, please feel free to message me. Hope you continue to have a wonderful time gaming here with FeverClan!
    Congratulations on your rank up! Very happy to see so many recruiting for the clan. More members keeps us alive, so thank you for your contribution to this community. Keep it up!
    Wow congrats on ranking up through recruiting!! Thank you so much for bringing so much people to Fever and spreading the name!!
    So how do you get people to join? Is it the calmness in your voice?(never heard your voice i dont think)
    Or your confidence in this being a great home for them?
    Or....something else??
    anyways keep up the great work, and remember that it will never go unnoticed!!
    Excellent work on the recruitment rank up Raven. I need to start taking advice from all those who receive rank ups for it because I have no luck at all. What do you tell the possible recruits about Fever to get them interested, although everything is awesome about Fever and you could tell them anything :p
    Keep up the good work and you should totally stop playing Smite xD
    Congratulation on your rank up! Requiting or the clan is the best way to keep this clan going and getting new people in allows for more ideas on how we can improve the clan. once again Congratulation!!
    Ravenloc! Hey, hey! I want to congratulate you on becoming Master Gunnery Sergeant due to your recruitments! Getting new members in the community is pretty exciting and we thank you for that! What do you enjoy most about Fever? :cupcake:

    Have a fantastic day! :ghost:

    Nice work recruiting Ravenloc!! Keep up the great work! Hopefully I will catch you on smite sometime and we can play!
    Hey, congrats on your rankup!

    You skipped a rank, which is pretty cool :]

    What games do you play, seeing as I don't think I've met you before.

    Anyway, keep up the great work!
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