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  • lol i wont be around this weekend, gotta head to my island with the family apparently. but starting midweek ill be around and we can hang :p
    We changed to having a server box and put our ts on that. Come hang outtt, we have sweeds you can talk to :p
    does it really? to be honest, I just used the random name generator in neverwinter....
    Hey my lovely swedish sexy guy!
    I'll be on tmr... well for you its today, but yeah, if you ever want to play i shall be around in the afternoon at my time, startin at 11am-12pm for me :)
    Hope to see yah around! I'll message you if i see you anyway, you wont escape!!!
    *angry face*
    Soooooo I shall be online around 12... so 6pm for you. I will have to leave around 3pm tho. But saturday i can be on almost all day if you prefer it(but pbly not before noon lol). I have my game night only at 7pm and before that, 'cept pbly go buy some food, i have nothing. Anyway, i will be up, if you are there its fine, if not, too bad for you!
    You know how to reach me i guess :)
    hugz and kizz
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