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  • hey!!! its your B-DAy.. you should get out, but if you are on before, yeah i'll be around! :)

    And i liked that baby mohawk.... *blush* that was the cutest!!!! <3

    Take care sweety!
    Ohhh right!!! Its soon your rank up in real life!!! Cant believe i know you since you were 20-21... So young!!! Damn baby face... or even that baby mohawk !! Awwww good times :p
    Well now im free usually on tuesday, so if you are ever around, im sure you gonna catch me. If not, at some point during any weekend, you know im quite often around :) We all know we cant stay long w/o gaming together at some point LOL!! <3 And dont exhaust yourself with work, cmon :) You need time to workout and play video games! JK, take care sweety!

    ohhhh... and i took over your profile! Damn you need more friends! :p (i know i know... who need those, friends are overrated!)
    I misssssss you my love! :p

    Have a new pc now, can load freaking fast in BF4, need to play more soon!!

    <33333 wuvzzz and hugzzz
    thought of you when i saw that on the interwebz!
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