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  • Happy Birthday Ravenfist! I wish you the best of luck in the new year. Remember to spend your time carefully :D Times go by too fast for us to fully enjoy it.
    Hello Raven! Happy Birthdaaaaaaaaaaay :cupcake: Hope you have an awesome day dude!
    well i work late tonight, pbly wont be on before midnight >.< But i should be there this weekend :) Poke me if you are around :)

    *angry face*
    Just cuz i miss taking over your profile!!!!

    I wuv you much much my oversea BF! <3

    I'm glad that you got the last cod, so we can play some more together! (finally a game that i can kick your ass, if im not messing around!)
    Dont go hide! I think thats really funny :) And i just hope you dont have to use that word about yourself, that would be really sad ...
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