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  • Ravennnnnfist!
    You, Me, Date! cmon! dating the sexiest guy in fever is my dream! :p
    Will you be on this weekend?? because i'll be around much much, poke me, msg me or anything if you see me online, here, steam or even FB
    Miss yah sweety ducky!!!! *angry face*

    oh and i didnt want to look like a stalker, but i like your new pic in FB ^.^ Those eyes man! cant help it!!!! :p
    RAVENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! Glad you came for some gaming tonight. I missed you, and cant wait for next time :) You're the best and sexiest!!!!! :D *drool*
    Take care sweety xoxox
    *angry face*
    LOL ♥♥♥
    Hearing you that other night remember me how much i missed you!!!! You have the sexiest accent!!! I miss playin some good games lololol! I hope to see you soon again!
    *Angry Face*
    Take care my lovely rubber ducky <3
    im off saturday and sunday. Should be good anytime if you up for some, i work all week for the rest :(
    bf3 is ok, some good l4d2 or even cod4 are always better than LoL in my opinion, but as you want babe!
    Let me know if you can make it this weekend! it'd be great :D

    And glad to hear you are back home, so i guess you're feeling better too ^.^ I'm happy for you!

    give me some news
    *angry face!!!*
    I miss you!!!! Where are you? We need a date together, like in the good old day :D
    Dont forget, you're the best rubber ducky!
    take care sweety swedish ;)
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