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  • ohhhh good luck for your interview!!!! Hope everything will go fine.
    And yes i still know some peeps that still play it, but not sure if they are online in the afternoon. We'll see :)
    ANGRY face!!!! Oh and hugz and kizz too!!!
    We totally do need a date! wink wink ^.^

    And to play good games like in the good old days!!!! Do you still have bc2? or we can bf3? cod4? Something other than LoL? :p

    Awwwww and i miss you. Can you be around next saturday evening, afternoon for me? Well maybe this friday also i should be around, tell me if any of them fit for you :)
    welll sweety! i have no work saturday and sunday... but sunday night i will have a cod4 night game. If you want to join you know what to do, but 'cept that im all free! well, still have some cleaning stuff to do like usuall, but laundry is not something long to do!!! LOL. Let me know if you can be around and when. I really miss you my ducky lover!!! <333
    alright then, i should be up around 1pm... so 7 for you. Message me when you see me around, im pretty sure you know how to get me!!! you have FB, here and steam ;)
    Cant wait to play with yah, its always a blast! w/e games we play!
    And cant wait just to talk to you! Been a long time!
    Missss yah baby!
    but now im gonna sleep.
    I might try to catch yah tmr, but if not, its a date for friday for sure! <33333333333
    *ANGRY FACE****
    dont matter to me, as long as its after 1pm for me, i should be up.... well, right after breakfast i might be slow on drinking but yeah. You call it and i will be there sweety!
    love yah my Ducky Boy
    RAVENNNNNNNNNNNNNN i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    im off for 4 days, hit me. well i will be gone today but 'cept that, if you wanna chat, chill, play games, drink or w/e, i am up!!!!!!!!!

    i really miss that sexy accent you have!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <33333333333333
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