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  • You have 10 years on me, but I do remember changing files around. If you have any questions about TS or anything just holler at me and I will help you out.
    Hello, Ralic! My name is Jam, and I would like to welcome you to Fever. How are you today? Im glad that you joined our clan! I saw on your application that you play Diablo 3. Do you have a favorite character? How are you liking the new season? I dont play the game; however, I have heard good things about it. I will definitely have to try the game one day. My main game at the moment is Hearthstone. So if you ever want to play HS just PM me or add my battlenet tag Glyssa#1811. Anyways, I hope to see you on teamspeak soon. If you have any questions feel free to PM me, and I will try my best to help you out.
    Aloha Ralic!

    My name is Nne and as one of Fever's youngest players, I'd like to personally welcome you to the clan!

    I see you're a Diablo 3 Player! I don't know much about Diablo but I know that there was a new season not too long ago. Did you take part in it? How well did it go, if you did? The time of the previous season is definitely the time I've seen our Teamspeak servers the busiest! What's your favourite thing about Diablo 3? Also, if you could change one thing about the game, what would you change?

    I hope to speak to you soon on teamspeak and if you have any questions, feel free to PM me or poke me on Teamspeak.

    Welcome to Fever Ralic, I'm Clavat

    Nice to meet you and hope you have a nice stay here in our clan. I have been here for some months it has been a good experience in my gamer life and also my new home.

    I see your main game is Diablo III, we have a big community in diablo here and it is my main game as well, do you have a favorite class? are you playing season 6? do you have any goals in this game?

    I hope you enjoy our community and feel free to ask me any questions on forums or Teamspeak, take care and have fun.

    Good morning and welcome to Fever, Ralic! It's always great to see more new people joining Fever each and every day. Even if it is just for the wild and fun names we see.

    I hope you enjoy your time with us and that you meet some really great people here. I bet no matter which game you play with us, you will be a valuable asset. I see that you play D3 like myself, what class are you playing and what paragon? If there is anything you need help with here or in game, feel free to ask. You're probably ready to get back to gaming so I will leave you alone now lol.

    Until we meet again, we are glad to have you here.
    Welcome to Fever Ralic!

    My name is Gazoo. I'm still a bit new to Fever but I'm sure , like me, you will find your time here just as wonderful. It means a lot to have a place we can call home with such helpful and nice people. I'd like to share a few links to help you around, some things to make your expierence at Fever better, a litte information on some of the important things, and something for us to get to know a little more about you!

    -Introduce Yourself-
    Feel free to make an Introduction We'd love to learn a little more about you. We even have a
    Template that you can follow to make that process a little easier.

    -Staying Connected-
    If you want to stay connected to the forums while you're away from your computer check out Tapatalk

    -Fever Coins-
    We use a form of online currency called Fever coins. You can get all the knowledge you need to know about them here: Fever Coins: The Everything You Need to Know Guide

    -Fever Jobs-
    If you're looking to get involved, or maybe maybe just give back to the community check out the list of Fever Jobs available. There are many things to chose from, and it's an easy way to get promotions and give back at the same time!

    -Fever Ranks and Promotions-
    This is what looked to be the most confusing at first for me so, just in case you need it Fevers Rank and Promotion Guide will explain everything you need to know or want to know about Fevers ranking system and information on how to get promoted.

    That's pretty much most of the important information here at FeverClan. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to pm me or if you see me in teamspeak hop on in the conversation! I'm always looking for new friends! Last but not least, Welcome again, and have fun! I Look forward to seeing you around!

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