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  • wow Master Sergeant in 1 year. Fabs. Congrats on 1 yr Vet. Now remove that Bronie crap stat.
    Hello Raindance congrats on the Veterancy Silver award, 365 days on fever without going inactive! That is so awesome! We hope to see more of you! Thanks for being such a loyal member :cupcake: Favorite moment on fever?

    eat.sleep.game.repeat :ghost:

    One year down and i hope to see you for many years in fever and we are always happy to have you in fever.... Here is to many many more years.
    You're starting to discover the fever within you, don't stop! That's one year of great memories that you've shared with us! Are you going to devote yourself for more years with us? Congratulation on being a respectful member for a whole year, and for receiving the Vet Award.
    It's awesome that you've been here for so long! What's kept you around for so long? How do you feel you've grown/changed since you joined? :D
    Veterancy Silver .... Just wow! It's impressive, May i ask , If you can remember what got you into fever from so long ago? o:
    Thanks for stickin your pony but around these parts for so long! Grats on your vet award! Keep the fever temperature up with activity. :D Cheers to another year in this family.
    Congratulations on your rankup to Gunnery Sergeant. Keep up the activity on Fever and I hope to be able to congratulate you on that SMA rank someday.
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