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    Count to 100 Enlisted vs Officers

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    Anyone Interested in Forum Mafia?

    i'd be up for this.
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    Dirty Bomb

    Mate, Dirtbomb is a sick game needs a bit of a layout change on the homescreen imo. But it is decent I like the weapon mechanics and the fact it is kinda fast paced like Doom.
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    This or That?

    War! Alcohol or Bud?
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    New To Fever? Introduce Yourself!

    Welcome to Fever!
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    Fortnite Infortmation

    Battle Royale - State of Development V3 ‎11‎.‎30‎.‎2017 By The Fortnite Team Playing With Friends Duos and Squads are best when you can play with friends! We realize that our existing social features make it hard to make and/or find friends. We are working on making it easier to play again...
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    Fortnite custom matchmaking

    Now that Fortnite are looking at adding Custom matchmaking we could possibly in the near future look at hosting Fever clan private tournaments as well as hosting games nights as we haven't been able to do so yet. As well as being able to do these things we could also create competitive Fever...
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    Just got Dirtbomb

    Just got the game yesterday, wondering if we having many members that play it?
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    Help Creating a spotify playlist

    67 - Glorious Twelfth // 67 - Glorious Twelfth (Official Video) - YouTube SL - Gentleman // Recky x SL - Boys In Black // Harlem Spartans (Bis x Zico) - Money & Violence //...
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    CLASS discords.

    Good post mate, very helpful. duzeyyy
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    New player/Low Elo player development?

    Welcome mate! TheDoctor
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    New Player and New member

    Welcome mate! Doughby