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  • Sounds like a plan!

    Vanilla was always my go-to, there was just something about Sky Factory though. Mind you, I had played Skyblock for some time! :p

    I'm on teamspeak almost all day, tuesday-saturday, so just give me a yell whenever you want to play! :D

    Can't say I've ever played survival games, maybe you could show me some time? :D

    I'd love that! :)
    Hello QueenIna, welcome to Fever Clan! Nice to have you join us :)
    We do have a very supportive community here at Fever, and I know you will enjoy many aspects of being a part of the Fever family - there are things like the Forum in addition to joining/meeting other Fever members to join in games..

    Make sure you take advantage of the Forum! It has good information on clan activity for all the games you play, and it's a great way for you to interact with your new gaming family. In addition to topics on your favorite games, there are also other topics like Fitness (under Health & Lifestyle) that you should be sure to check out!

    If you have any questions, please reach out to me anytime.
    Welcome again QueenIna!
    -Noble :)
    Hey there, QueenIna! Welcome to the family!

    Looking through your app, I couldn't help but notice that you play Minecraft! I play a bit of Minecraft myself!

    Do you prefer Vanilla or mod packs? Lately when I've been playing, I keep going back to Sky Factory 2!

    What are your thoughts on H1Z1? As an avid ex-Planetside 2 player, I heard quite a bit about it, but the DayZ-ness(?) of the game kind of threw me off.

    Again, welcome to the family! I hope you enjoy your time here with us!

    Hello QueenIna, Welcome and have fun in our clan :D I am from Croatia so I am glad to see more players from Balkana coming to Fever :D Whats your favourite GTA game of all time? My is either GTA III or GTA: SA :D I see you are very experienced in few things :D

    If you have any question feel free to ask anything about anything :D
    Welcome to the Fever family! GTA V is a great game and I love to...TOTALLY NOT run over pedestrians and hyjack their cars and participate in FBI get most wanted by heists which give you lots of money...awesome game! I hope you enjoy playing it with fellow members via our in-game...posse'? Crib? Gang? I don't know what its called.
    Hey QueenIna, welcome to Fever. My name is Delta and I'll be your guide here.


    First of all, I'd like to welcome you to our clan. Its an honor to have you here.

    We have a great community here, and the best way to start being part of it is by introducing yourself here.

    Fever Coins

    You've most likely heard of them during your interview, and they're quite useful. They allow you to take part in auctions for games (Yes, free games for being active here, isn't that awesome) you also get them for ranking up, and being active on game nights. Heres some more info about it.


    I talked about them in the Fever Coin part, and you must be wondering what they do. Well, worry not, fair maiden, for I shall explain it to you.

    Ranks are gained by being active on the forums, doing Jobs, and mostly being part of the community.
    Ranking up enough times may earn you recognition in the eyes of our leaders. And may possibly grant you an important role here.
    For more info, heres a nifty thread.


    Now, you must be wondering what jobs are. They're actually not all that different from real life jobs, only a bit easier to get one here, and they're actually fun to do. Don't believe me? Well go ahead and check out this thread and see with your own eyes.


    You are now fully matured and ready to hit the forums with your awesomeness, hope to see you on Teamspeak.
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