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  • Congratulations on your Rank Up to SGM! Thanks and keep up the good work!

    Congratulations on your recent rank up to First Sergeant!! You're doing a great job and we are happy to have you on board, keep it up! :)

    ~Rizzah, CO 3-3-2
    Congratulations on your promotion to Master Sergeant, Progenitus!!! Keep up your awesome D3 work!! :)
    Thank you for your amazing work in the d3 section! Keep it up!!!

    Company Comander Diablo 3
    |Fever| heybob |COL|
    Pfff, a promotion again! Congrats on ranking up to Staff Sergeant:cupcake: Forum Activity ftw!
    Prog Congrats on your promo to SSgt, you have been a big help in the D3 and HoTS games. Keep up the good work and I will see you in game!
    Congrats on your promotion to Staff Sergeant! Hope to see you around teamspeak and the forums and don't forget to update your teamspeak rank :)
    I agree with Pam in that your profile picture is awesome. Congrats on another rank up! I am glad to see you are staying active in all parts of the forums and branching out from your games! Fever is a great place for gaming and also a great place to just hang out. What is your favorite game?
    Your profile picture is pretty awesome! Rank up? Yes Sergeant! Congrats on the promotion :cupcake: You bring new members, guess what.. we love having more people join fever so keep it up! What do you enjoy most about Fever? Remember to change your rank on TeamSpeak! Have a goooood day! :ghost:
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