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    Ahhh goddd, where do I begin?! Some of my best moments in Fever have really come from our HotS community! We've got oodles of inside jokes that really add to the experience, which is already amazing!! We host an NA Game Night every Wednesday night at 2000 EDT that we call Hump Day HotS! You should come out sometime! We all get in TS and have a blast!

    Thanks for the wishes!! Cheers!!
    You have to be very patient and friendly with the potential new guys. It takes a lot of time to introduce one player to fever.
    Thanks! I appreciate it! I sing pretty much anything rock/acoustic and compose in that genre as well. For bands it's either super old school punk, or pop punk/pop rock. For myself its more acoustic/ dashboard confessional kind of stuff. I've been working on the EDM scene but I've been progressing really slow as its difficult for me to transpose my music from my head onto a computer. It's way easier to express everything through instruments to me. So I've gotta figure out that block then I can progress.

    How about you, do you sing/write any music?
    My best and favorite design is my dreams, When they see it and after the morning i remember them :D
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