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  • Honestly I just stopped doing all my jobs, but when i WAS doing intros i as doing other stuff too like greeting and stuff. I'd literally answer every intro and check multiple times a day for new ones, see what app's were approved, etc. Just checking the intro thread tbh, seeing any new names and jumpin on their face like a face crab from alien and replying to other's in the intro thread that have replied to me! Just keeping up is all.
    I really enjoy Fever Clan it does suck with all the things going on right now in life that I havent been able to game much with everyone. But Im getting there and I love everyone in Fever. Just trying to get things settled. New faces as I remember meeting you with my brother @Kesem on Teamspeak the other day. Thanks for the Cheers ^_^
    Ahh I see. I played LoL for like... 5 matches? xD I guess I'm just not a fan of MOBAs.
    I usually play TERA and Evolve, when people wanna play with me. :) Recently switched from the european to the north american version of TERA. ^^
    Goodluck with your finals!
    PS: I like how you put caLmdown in green letters, that happens to be my last name: Groen (Green in Dutch)
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