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  • Happy birthday, Osweiner!

    I love 'ya man. Anyway, I hope all is well in life and I hope things have been fine and dandy. LF > That one team practice when you actually join in. When will that be? Once in a blue moon.

    Come back soon, because I don't see you often enough and I'm sure many others miss you as well, Rehstraint included.

    Dear Oswin,

    I was told today was your birthday. I didn't want to believe it, but I feel I must due to all the wall posts. As such, I wrote you a song:
    Happy Birthday.
    The end.

    Love, Caity
    Happy Birthday Oswin, any big plans for today or this weekend? I would say enjoy the outside but currently where I reside it is raining lol.
    Happy birthday Oswin! I hope you have a great day and you enjoy it very much! Cheers to the birthday man!
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