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  • Congratulations on the Rank Up.

    Hey there OGJosh, welcome to Fever Clan! Nice avatar too :)

    I see you've already been active in the Forum - great to see from our new members! Glad you're taking advantage of it.

    I don't play Heroes of the Storm, but if you need anything, please feel free to reach out to me anytime. If on TS, I can generally be found in the Diablo 3 section. Or you can pm me also.

    Welcome again OGJosh!
    -Noble :)
    Hello and welcome to fever! I hope you have been enjoying yourself so far!

    My name is KittyMae and I've been in Fever for 2 years and have had some really great experiences with some pretty amazing people; Fever is like a family to me!

    How has your experience been so far? Any stand out positive moments? Any negative ones? Have your interactions with other members led you to feel welcomed and respected?

    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns and I will respond as promptly as I can!

    I look forward to getting to know you better!
    Hi my name is Tayco and I want to welcome you into Fever!!! I hope your time as fever is as wonderful as mine has been. Fever is a unique community, unlike most clans fever rewards you for taking an extra step and trying to help out the community. A little bit about me, I like FPS and Survival games such as rust, Ark, Siege, DayZ and Arma. If you ever want someone to play any of those let me know. :) I wish you the best in fever and remember to always share you tacos with me :D
    Greetings! OGJosh!

    My name is The Rev, and i'd like to personally welcome you to Fever!
    I see that you play HoTS How do you like it? Who is your favorite Hero? How long have you played HoTS? I've never really played HoTS, but i've heard its really fun! There are a lot of HoTS players here in Fever! I'm sure you will find like minded players to game with!
    I play a lot of SMITE. But i'm up to play just about anything! I Hope you enjoy your time here, i know i have! :)
    If you need anything, feel free to contact me via forums or teamspeak.

    Happy Gaming
    -The Rev
    PS. Angel is an awesome person! :D
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