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  • I know I miss playing with you. For the last few days I have been in a lot of pain. I havent been on much in the past couple weeks. Trying to get things together for my Disability. Horrible that you have 3 doctors telling you and willing to write a letter that you can't work or do anything to make money, yet the goverment makes you go through hell and back, sometimes upto 8 years (im on 4) to get money that they HAVE A RIGHT TO and have paid into. UGG. Well hope to see you soon. Today is my 2yr anniversary with fever :D
    Glad ur here to stay. I just uploaded my first totally produced video myself. MustangPunk - YouTube please check it out. Its me playing hearthstone . very badly. ;(
    When you came back you should have gotten an PM in your inbox from your Platoon Leader welcoming you to Fever Clan. It is a requirement for us. Other wise I can try to look it up. But I'm not sure where :D but I can see things as officier you can't . OH the POWER. heehee

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