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  • Hello! Welcome to the Fever Clan! Glad to have you join our family and I hope to see you in game. If we don't play the same game feel free to contact me on the forums or Teamspeak if you see me online for any questions you may have or just to chat. We're a tight nit community which is why a good majority of the community as you will find out calls the Fever Clan a family. We cover a large variety of games that may suite your fancy~ and filled with kind and understanding people around to help you out. With that being said here are some helpful links for you get more acquainted with the forums.

    Shooter Games Forums
    MOBA Forums
    RPG Forums
    RTS Forums
    Strategy Forums
    Miscellaneous Games Forums

    Each of these links cover the vast variety of the games the Fever Clan is majorly apart of and getting to know the players and your fellow family members of the Fever Family, you may find games that they play that aren't covered in the links above.

    Here is our list of rankings for your reference as you spend more time here:

    You can also join our community even more at these links:

    Now that you've learned a little about how the forums is migrated and the way the Fever Clan works how about an introduction about yourself so we can learn more about you and the games you play!

    I personally must say that within my time as a member of the Fever Clan I have found a second family. One that are there for you and enjoy spending time playing the games I myself and they enjoy to play. I have met individuals in the Fever Clan that have struck me with awe in the amount of care and compassion they carry with themselves in what they do and the games they play. Which really shown me the colors the Fever Family had to offer. All in all my time within Fever has given me more then I ever thought or expected from the community and I personally thank everyone of the Fever Family for that opportunity and hope you enjoy your stay with the Family as much as I have.

    (Always for the-) Nooki
    hey welcome to fever i am voncheeter if you have any questions send me a pm or find me on teamspeak my steam name is |fever| voncheeter if you want to add me
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