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  • Hello, nessylunatic. How was your day? I’m Jam, and I would like to welcome you to Fever. I saw on your application that you play Starcraft 2. How long have you been playing the game? What do you like or dislike about it? I haven’t played the game nor do I know that many people that play it. My main game right now is Hearthstone. If you ever want to play, let me know! If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or add me on Battlenet (glyssa#1811). I’ll help you out as best as I can. I hope to see you on teamspeak soon.
    Hi my name is Tayco and I want to welcome you into Fever!!! I hope your time as fever is as wonderful as mine has been. Fever is a unique community, unlike most clans fever rewards you for taking an extra step and trying to help out the community. I saw that you play HOTS and Overwatch I don't really like HOTS but i've seen overwatch gameplay and I've grown to like to like it. I'm more of a suvival and FPS lover some of my all time favorites are Rust, Ark, Siege, DayZ and Arma. And if for whatever reason If you ever want someone to play any of those let me know. :) I wish you the best in fever and remember to always share you tacos with me :D
    Hello nessylunatic, welcome to Fever

    Let me start to introduce myself, i'm Tigeax but most people just call me Jesse.

    When i looked at your application i saw that you play Overwatch. What is your're favorite champion to play? I play some myself but i'm not really good at it. My favorite champion is probably Junkrat.

    I play a lot of Smite, it's my main game for about 2 years now. Do you play Smite or did you ever try it?

    If there is anything i can help you with always feel free to ask.

    Have a good day.
    Welcome to FeverClan, nessylunatic :D My name is Angel ^-^ I'm happy you've joined our community! I love the members here :3

    I see that you like to play Heroes of the Storm :D That's my main game atm! I leveled to 110 in WoW fast so I could continue to play hehe. I do have to catch up though on the rest of the quests >_>'' What is the reason you got into playing HoTS? For me, the first reason was because I wanted the pet you got for getting player level 20. I got hooked! Now I love it ^-^ What is your favorite Hero? Sylvanas is my favorite :3 I don't get to play her too often but I'm happy when I do. Did you get to play on the new map yet? It's kinda fun hehe.

    If you ever need anything, please let me know. I'll do whatever I can to help! Also, if you /join FeverClan in the HoTS chat you can see when Fever members are online :D

    Angel out =p
    Hello, nessylunatic!

    Welcome to Fever!

    First, Id like to introduce myself; Im KittyMae and Ive been a member of Fever since June 2014. Fever is an amazing community that has provided me with many social interactions with some of the most amazing people Ive been fortunate enough to meet and even get to know well enough to consider family. I hope you stick around and experience as many cherished moments as I have.

    Now, Im going to provide you with some links that will help you get better acquainted with our community

    First, I suggest letting fellow members get to know you better by posting in our Introduction Section. Though this is optional, posting will help other members get to know you better and reading the posts of others will help you get to know fellow members better.

    Also, if youre looking to socialize with other members aside from gaming, you can check out our General Discussion section where you will find members talking about just about anything and everything.

    Because we a gaming community, here are some links to our Gaming Section:

    If you wish to be a contributor to the clan, you can work on Fever Jobs here. Accepting Jobs in the clan will not only allow you to become better known in the community but it also provides rewards such as Rank Ups and Promotions and Fever Coins. Coins can be used for a multitude of things including game trading/purchasing and even obtaining your own private channel in TeamSpeak. Be sure to click on the links for more in-depth explanations!

    If you prefer using a touchscreen device, theres a helpful app you can used called TapTalk

    Lastly, if you enjoy social media, you can visit Fever on
    Steam Group

    I hope you found this information useful. If you have any questions, dont hesitate to private message me or find me in TeamSpeak and I will do whatever I can to assist you.

    Hope to talk to you soon!
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