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I was born in Clearwater, FLA. Moved to Augusta, GA at 9. Moved to Burnettown, SC at 19. :)

In 2009 I was pushing my car out of the road and it got away from me, in the process i was pulled off my feet and slammed my head into the concrete and sustained a head injury. Now I cannot work. I live at home with my mom who helps me out.
I also have Fibromyalgia so when it rains or is very cold I have flair up of immense pain that can last for several days (so I might just disappear but I will try to send notes by phone from my bed).

I started my gaming love with Blizzard and have gone on to EA, Ensemble Studios, and Activision. I have recently gotten into FPS (mostly COD but also a little BF).
I have played WoW for over 9 years and have played SWTOR since nearly the beginning.
I am getting into LoL as a different game than FPS. With my lowered short term memory (from accident) learning new things is hard. I'm not on TS3 much 'because I'm addicted to my Xbox. But PM me or send me a message in steam or skype and I will see it on my phone {which, according to my Mother, never leaves my hand :p }

I am so happy I joined Fever Clan. I am kinda isolated here and I feel so welcome in all the groups. Can't wait to meet more people. When I became a Platoon Leader I was honored. When I made Major and was given more responsibility in the Clan, I want to make sure I use my power for GOOD not EVIL. I hope I can help my members have great experiences here.
I also want to get more people into COD and Xbox 360/ONE.


Gaming, Computers, Technology, and History. Books about Vampires but not slutty ones :p
June 11
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