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    Destiny 2 PS4

    Greetings, Does anyone play on ps4?
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    WTT Destiny 2 PS4 expansion I and II passes.

    Greetings guys. So I have the expansion passes from destiny 2 PS4 edition. The passes are inside of my collector's edition box that I got as some time ago and now it's collecting the dust on my closet. I opened the box just to check the superb bag that's inside that i don't even use also haha :D...
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    Albion Online

    You can avoid the pvp in the begining but later on when you need to gather high tier stuff there is a chance of geting ganked
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    Albion Online

    Since Albion is finally free to play and if you ever wanted to try it now it is your chance. If someone wanna join me here is my link - You can find me under the same name as here on the forums. NA server ofc :)
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    Photo: Sexy Beautiful Women! (pics)

    You cant nominated yourself without a pic :P
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    New to section: League of Legends Staff Roster/Jobs

    You can if you want to. If you decide to be one let me know and we gonna sort things out.
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    Question regards Desitny 2 Collectors edition.

    Its an expansive dust collector haha
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    Question regards Desitny 2 Collectors edition.

    Hello guys. I'm wondering if Destiny 2 Collectors edition is worth anything? I got one for PS4 and its sitting in my room collecting dust. I got it as a giveaway award but I don't own PS4 so I'm wondering what can be done with it?
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    Approved: AncientMoon's Application

    Welcome to FeverClan AncientMoon! We hope you enjoy your stay here if you have any questions please feel free to ask me. You can now officially place the |Fever| tag in your nickname. Don't forget to signup for the Fever Steam Group: Click Here...