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    YOOOO youre not on at night negropotomus
    Dammit Perky, stop receiving rank ups, you don't do anything for them! jk :p Keep up the good work and activity man, your rank up shows we appreciate all you're doing :D so good job worst bard ever!
    PerkyPenguin! Congrats on ranking up to Sergeant, you have been on fire with the forum activity! What do you love most about fever? :cupcake: Have an awesome day! :ghost:
    Welcome to Fever! If ya need a fellow League player add "Hastyb" and my HOTS is "Hastyb#1307"
    If ya need someone to just BS with or need help get ahold of me and ill point ya in the right direction after one or two wrong ones :)
    Good luck.
    welcome to fever PerkyPenguin :3. I hope you enjoy your time here! It dosnt seem we have any games in common but I'm sure we will still see a bit of eachother on team speak and the forum. If you have any questions or just want a friend go ahead and message me
    Hello and welcome to Fever PerkyPenguin, I am Jokerlolz and I'm here to help you find all the information you want, get to know more of the Fever membership, and find the place most fitting to you here in Fever.l I myself am a very new member of Fever and have found myself right at home picking up Clan jobs, competing in game nights, and even hosting my own. I hope this could be you some day soon. I will be giving you a simple guide of important places you may want to visit within Fever and to make it even more helpful I'll try and do it in a order to help you as much as possible.

    First off is your introduction, this is where you will want to go to fill out a small informational post about yourself so other players can get to know you. It will ask questions like what is your favorite food or where are you located. Simple things to get other members to relate to you :) Simple enough? That can easily be found here:
    - Introduction

    Next you are going to want to visit our game sections. There are many game sections here in Fever as we cover a wide variety of games and give home to many gamers world wide. All the game sections can be found here from Shooter to Simulation:
    - Shooter
    - MOBA
    - RPG
    - RTS
    - Strategy
    - Misc Games
    - Competition Central

    Now you have heard me mention Clan jobs once or twice and you are probably thinking to yourself "What is he going on about?" Well here in fever there are many things to do from creating Graphics to helping put together the Fever weekly to even finding ways to encourage member activity. These jobs are useful to get your name around and help the community grow. The available jobs can be found here:
    - Clan Jobs

    We know getting to a computer can be difficult at times with School, Work, and whatever else we all spend our time on, so we have made posting even easier. Now with the use of our smartphones posting can be done through a simple app called Tapatalk. To learn more and download it click the following link:
    - Tapatalk

    Now that you are accustom to posting, meeting new members, and maybe even being involved in a few Clan Jobs, you are probably wondering "Now how do I rank up?". Well here is the list of ranks, their requirements, and what the ranks duties are:
    - Fever Ranks

    Through posting you may have noticed that you have gotten what is called Fever Coins. That is a virtual currency used to purchase fun things withing fever to joke around with eachother, help you out, or even purchase new games in an auction. To learn more about these coins please visit:
    - Fever Coins

    Finally the last thing I want to cover are the Social media links. Many of use are Insta-famous lol or even just like to browse through twitter from time to time. Fever still has a place for you :) we have all different social media links that I will now share with you! and as a bonus, you will receive coins for each follow.
    - Twitter
    - Youtube
    - Facebook
    - Steam

    Again, welcome to fever, I hope you enjoy your time and feel free to visit me in teamspeak or ask me any questions you may have.
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