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    lol good work in what section? I am involved in 3.
    how dare you! i am so offended!!

    jokes aside, nah i don't mind, i was gonna log it after it was done? i guess i need to do it twice XD will make sure i do that from now on :)
    <23:38:00> "|Fever| Mizu |MAJ|": i once was afraid to leave a clan, so I told one of the guys I died, and pretended to be my brother

    still cant breathe
    <16:34:34> "|Fever| Mizu |MAJ|": got boring
    <16:34:53> "|Fever| Mizu |MAJ|": SKYFORGE ALL DA WAY
    <16:37:56> "|Fever| Mizu |MAJ|": I think im gonna do another wave of signatures for people

    i went and got some coffee :(
    \<16:38:28> Your chat partner has disconnected.
    <22:43:25> "|Fever| 0yme0 |LTC|": mizu is best
    <22:43:28> "|Fever| 0yme0 |LTC|": i love him
    <22:43:32> "|Fever| 0yme0 |LTC|": with all my heart
    <22:43:36> "|Fever| 0yme0 |LTC|": he is my lover
    <22:43:50> "|Fever| 0yme0 |LTC|": plz promote
    Mizu. . . me and you have some stuff to do. . . grab some legos and a loaf of wheat bread. . . shit is about to get real. . .
    Grats! I'm really glad you got a rankup too. You definitely deserve it. You should join the app team btw.
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