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  • After I was informed that the Administration no longer wishes for my continued existence on these forums, I left for about a week to decide what I was going to do.

    This is the biggest splash I'll make. Albeit a small one. This is my good-bye post.

    Firstly I would like to clarify something before I go. I harbor zero hateful, hurtful, or hostile feelings for anyone person in this community or for said community as a whole. I have had the time of my life here.

    Fun is the number one thing on my mind at all times. Everything I say or do is for self-gratification. whether it's talking to someone via text on forums, playing games, eating, walking around town, everything.

    The easiest way to have fun, is comedy. I enjoy finding comedy in everything and it makes the world a brighter place for me. Though this is a giant monkeys wrench for anyone attempting to call me names or make me feel bad. It normally ends with me laughing so hard I can't contain any of it.

    You know how people are, if you say or do anything against their own personal beliefs, you're being disrespectful because they are the light of the world and everyone should lick the ground they walk on.

    This brings me to one thing. I love humanity. All of it. I love their flaws, their strengths, their weaknesses, their imperfections. All of it. It's the flaws in a diamond that make it unique, beautiful, and entertaining.

    If you feel like I'm being an ass or a jerk, that's probably from miscommunication or I accidentally bruised your ego by daring to question you.

    Remember that I said everything is a joke? That's where I'm coming from.

    Is it possible that I look down on you? Sure. Is it possible I think you're an idiot? Sure. But it's also possible that others do too and unlike those others I will never publicly or privately say so unless it's in a situation where we are privately talking and you say your comfortable for me to do so.

    If you take any amount of hostile intent from anything I say ever, that's on you. I can guarantee none was meant.

    Anyone and everyone is welcome to communicate with me.
    miz.redavni -skype
    [email protected]

    Good-bye. It's been fun.

    Sincerely, your fool,
    Miz Redavni
    Laughing at ones statement isn't a sign of disrespect. It's a sign of finding comedy in what one has said.

    Everything is far more entertaining when it's all a joke.
    Journal Story 08: I've gone as far as the maze world goes. Nothing else for me to do, except for picking up a profession of this world. Not sure if I'm ready for that let alone want to.
    Journal Story 07: I've traveled to the end of the known world. I now see what appears to be puzzles and mazes. It's hard to go forward without going backward. Less and less locals are being helpful. I fear sooner or later I'll only see violent locals.
    Journal Story 06: I've been taking notes of traveled locations. The locals are also very useful inregards to travel locations.
    Journal Story 05: I stumbled upon a Tavern full of things I do not wish to mention. I shan't be returning there.
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