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  • I guess you're kinda cool.

    Glad to see everyone has welcomed you back with open arms :)
    Nickii, you are the best... I'm so glad I met you... You are such a great person :)
    Hey MissMaddy, I wanted to join everyone in welcoming you back to Fever. Hoping you're also doing better than you were when you got sick, and I mean it! It's never fun when there are additional complications to deal with along with whatever life throws our way right? I think it will help keep things like gaming in perspective for you - it certainly does for me. :)

    One other thing I'd like to mention in this welcome back note - I wasn't hear when you first joined, but I'm happy to be able to be here now to write to you. I've found that Fever has such a great supportive and helpful community, so it's nice when I see someone like you returning to the fold. If you have a chance, stop by and check out the forum that I moderate - the Fitness forum. I'm trying to make it more than just what would generically be considered Fitness, and make it be something we all can relate to regardless of what we consider fitness. Maybe there's something you could share there?

    Well, I don't want this to be TL : DR (probably too late right :)) but I did want to issue a warm welcome back!
    If you have questions or think of anything please feel free to reach out to me among the many of us who are ready to help.
    Welcome back again MissMaddy!
    welcome back to Fever MissMaddy!!! What made you want to rejoin Fever? it is the awesome community huh!!! gotta love how nice everyone is!! if you have any questions or just need a friend while you get back into the loop of things feel free to message me at anytime!!!
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