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  • Congrats mate to you and your team/state on a great achivement. I am glad that you are part of our community and I am honored to be in same community as you. I hope that you will play here in Fever like you played on tournament. Congrats once more :D
    Today is a great day for us, the fever community. Not only that you managed to secure the 2nd place, but you showed us that everything is possible if we have motivation and dedication. I would like to personally congratulate you are your team for the hard work. Keep playing tournaments, you have a great future!
    You suck at Heroes, I R Best, next time you play in Russia, we only winnars, loshair.
    Hey Hey Melkor! First of all you and your team rock! Congrats on getting 2nd place! What an accomplishment! Here at Fever we are very glad to have such a skilled player like yourself. Hopefully you can teach a few of us the tricks you have up your sleeve. Keep on being awesome dude! How did you feel knowing you were going to compete with so many people?
    CONGRATULATIONS MAN!!! 2nd place. I actually watched you play against BC but i really didnt know who was you :3cause i wasnt really paying attention all that often. sorry. but you gave it your best and we are proud of you :) you guys will be number 1 in no time
    Congrats man that is a HUGE achievement!!!! You gave it your hardest and you did insanely well!! I cant wait to see how far you can get in your next tourny :D
    Excellent work and congratulations on your hard work on making 2nd place out of so many teams. You have made Fever very proud! Hopefully you gave us a shoutout :p I myself did not get to watch them but I might go watch them if I can. We are all so proud of you and maybe next year assuming they do this again you can make 1st!! What heroes did you use the most, your secret weapon?
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