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  • Hey, mekaq. Thanks for the welcome. I've had a great experience so far involving Feverclan and met a few friends. My brother introduced me to League of Legends and I started playing once every few weeks and never got hooked on the game until I was introduced to a specific champion that I loved playing named Wukong. I had an old account that mained Wukong and I was infamous for my full-damage Wukong build (that's how I got the nickname "Damages"). Thanks for introducing yourself! I look forward to talking/playing with you soon! ~Damages
    My day has been great! And thanks for the warm welcome, I might try smite out, been planning on playing it for a while! maybe you can teach me a thing or two?
    Hey Mekaq thank you so much for the warm welcome!!

    My day has been going pretty well! I met Jam today and her and I seemed to hit off well. I've also been talking a lot with Perwild, Slio, and Lustrum.

    I don't really have a favourite map, I love them all, but my favorite hero would probable be either Ana, or Zenyata. I am in LOVE with the Halloween skins, particularly the mercy one. I'm doing my damndest to acquire it.

    I have played smite before, not enough, but a few times. I really wanted to try Hel but never managed to get her unlocked.

    If I ever get to playing it again I will be sure to look you up! Thanks again for the warm welcome <3
    Hi Mekaq, how are you today? Thank you for your message.

    So far everyone I have met from Fever have been so nice. I've been welcomed several times and evveryone seems a lot of fun and super helpful.

    From what I've recently learned about Blizzard is that most people seem to be on the NA servers yet I'm all the way over on the EU server meaning I have to start again if I want to play with them. I'm sure after being left out here alone fore long enough I'll just bite the bullet and do it. :)

    I've just installed Smite on my PC. I played it a lot on Xbox, again unlocking a lot of stuff and starting fdrom scratch is incredibly daunting. I'm curreently thinking about starting HOTS as a replacement.

    I hope you're having a great day and hopefully we can catch up on TS soon.

    Good Day, always meeting a lot of fun new people around the community, it's fantastic. I majorly got into CS:GO and made it to LE. I then lost interest because I gambled away my knife :( Haven't really played since, that and I got back into LOL and have been grinding on there. I was an awper, my friends always liked it when I was on the AWP, and I hate being arrogant but I was fairly good with the AWP (I have a couple clips if you want to see ;p). I'll see you around, and thanks for the welcome!
    Also welcome to the clan, stay out of trouble ,dont feed ,or die .

    have good day

    you are reading this still

    and see how much space i wasted.
    Hello and welcome to fever! I hope you have been enjoying yourself so far!

    My name is KittyMae and I've been in Fever for 2 years and have had some really great experiences with some pretty amazing people; Fever is like a family to me!

    How has your experience been so far? Any stand out positive moments? Any negative ones? Have your interactions with other members led you to feel welcomed and respected?

    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns and I will respond as promptly as I can!

    I look forward to getting to know you better!
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